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Have you ever wanted to go back country touring? Do you already go back country touring? 

Do you know how to keep yourself safe?

In 2014 an avalanche in Victoria killed two snowboarders and a skier was buried by an avalanche at Thredbo resort and only survived because he was pushed into a creek bed, which provided an air cavity. In early March 2015 an avalanche in Austria killed an Australian skier.

If the answer is no and you plan on going back country in Australia or around the world you need to gain some knowledge

The two day AST 1 course developed by Avalanche Canada will teach you the basics of safe travel in the back country, allow you to recognize avalanche terrain and make more informed slope stability evaluations. You will learn proper self-rescue and group management techniques for the backcountry. The AST 1 training is also for APSI instructors looking to acquire their ISIA stamp, increasing employment opportunity internationally.


Based out of 
Jindabyne, NSW, Australia.
Mt Hotham, VIC Australia
NSW Courses 
July 2-3 
July -10
Aug 13-14
Sept 3-4
Sept 24-25
Oct 1-2

VIC Courses

Aug 25-26
Aug 27-28

NZ Course
July 23-24

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