Cheap Ski Accommodation (07 Apr 2015)  Show all News

1. Be Flexible with your dates: Keep out of High Seasons and school holidays. Look out for white space weeks in Victorian resorts and kids ski free deals.


2. Book Early: especially if you are booking in peak periods alaways ask for a discount for early booking. 


3. Be a home cook: Go for accommodation with a kitchenette as you can cook a few meals at home and pack your lunch 


4. Use a Travel Agent: Travel Agents have a wealth of knowledge, most of them have personal experience in many parts of the world and will share their experience and lessons with you  


5. Prepay: as much of the holiday as possible so you have no hassles with trying to make payments when you’re travelling, there is nothing worse than having to find a café or lobby with free wifi to try and make a payment. (personal experience)


6. Do your research: Take into account National Parks entry fees, parkings fees and also over snow transport you do not want out of pocket expenses you are not ready for.


7. Drink Sensibly:  Drink in moderation as not only is it expensive but you may run into trouble in different cultural expectations 


8. Travel locally: if your budget does not allow for extended vacations you could look at travelling throughout Australia 



9. Keep your eyes open: keep up to date on the latest deals sign up to our offers and keep informed.