Jindabyne Dam Water Release (12 Oct 2011)  Show all News

Snowy Hydro has been instructed by the New South Wales, Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to release a total of 84 gigalitres of water to the Snowy River below Jindabyne Dam during October 2011.

This massive event has not seen such a large amount of water since the 1970's flow through the snowy river. A temporary viewing platform has been set up by the Snowy Hydro for visitors to see the intense power of the water release. This water release will drop the lake levels (currently at 85%) a full 3 metres vertically.

Visitors to the Snowy Mountains and Jindabyne area have been encouraged to check out the water flows, there is plenty of information at the visitor site and also at the Cooma Snowy Hydro Visitor Centre.