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New South Wales Biggest Resorts Unite to offer a combined SuperSki pass!

Skiers can now use one lift pass at both Perisher and Thredbo.
If you ski in New South Wales then you'll know of the cold war between Perisher and Thredbo. The unspoken rivalry between Australia's largest resort, Perisher, and Australia's highest vertical resort, Thredbo, has divided many a dinner party in Sydney's snow set.

Thredbo and Perisher have partnered up to offer their first combined lift pass.
The SuperSki Pass means families and friends need not choose which resort to ski for a week, they can do both. Purchase the five day lift pass between June 25 and September 4 and nominate your 'home' resort.

How many days can you ride at either resort? The lift pass gives you a minimum of three days at Perisher or Thredbo and then two more days at the other resort. But wait, there's more. It can be taken within a six day period and you can redeem an extra half day free on the day prior to your first full day.

When combined the lift pass offers over 1700 skiable hectares. This makes it the largest on offer on one pass in the southern hemisphere.

This 'big picture' move will hopefully be the first in many collaborated initiatives between Thredbo and Perisher. Sure, Falls Creek and Hotham and Perisher have their own combined season pass but they're owned by the same company.

The ski industry was abuzz last year when long time Thredbo marketing manager, Richard Phillips, jumped ship to Perisher. Dare we suggest that rather than a poaching by Perisher, he was sent in by Thredbo to start the peacekeeping?

Either way, the benefit lies with you the consumer and that has to be a good thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SuperSki?
A: SuperSki is a 5-day lift ticket that can be used in both Perisher and Thredbo resorts

Q: Why SuperSki?
A: SuperSki offers guests added value for money and the flexibility to experience two of Australia’s best resorts during their visit to the Snowy Mountains, accessing 60 lifts, over 1700 hectares of skiable terrain. SuperSki provides access to by far the biggest and best 5-day ski holiday experience in the Southern Hemisphere.

The SuperSki 5-day Ticket gives you:

•    The greatest vertical drop in Australia
•    The most number of lifts in Australia
•    The only Superpipe in Australia
•    The most number of Terrain Parks in Australia
•    By far the biggest area to ski and ride in Australia

Q: When will it be available for purchase?
A: Mid to late April 2011 and throughout the winter with accommodation at Australian Alpine Resorts

Q: What do I need to do when I purchase SuperSki?
A: Simply purchase with accommodation and let us know the resort where you will visit first to collect your Ticket (your ‘home resort’) and commence your skiing or snowboarding.

Q: How much money do I save?
A: Up to $42.00 on the purchase of single day tickets across both resorts.

Q: When can I use the SuperSki Ticket?
A: The SuperSki ticket is available for any 5 days out of a six consecutive day period from 25 June to 4 September 2011

Q: Am I required to ski/ride on 5 consecutive days?
A: No. You are able to ski on any 5 days within 6 days of your first full day of skiing

Q: How many days can I ride either resort?
A: A minimum of 3 days at your nominated ‘home’ resort and up to 2 days at the other, however the days can be taken in any order after your first visit.

Q: Are there any bonuses or add-ons?
A: Yes SKI FREE AFTERNOON! SuperSki Ticket holders can ski or snowboard at their nominated ‘home’ resort from noon the day prior to their first full day. So, effectively it adds an extra half day FREE.

Q: Can I ride both resorts in the same day?
A: No. Your SuperSki Ticket provides you access to only one resort on any given day.

Q: Is Skitube included in the SuperSki Ticket?
A: No, Skitube travel is not included in SuperSki. However, SuperSki ticket holders can purchase a Skitube upgrade for only $29 per day. Please refer to Skitube timetable

Q: Where do I collect my SuperSki Ticket?
A: SuperSki Tickets will be available for collection at any Thredbo or Perisher Ticket Office (including Jindabyne and Bullocks Flat).

Q: Does my SuperSki Ticket scan through the gates at both resorts?
A: No, your SuperSki Ticket will give you direct to lift access at your nominated home resort. When visiting the other resort, you will need to drop into a ticket office and collect a ticket before each day’s skiing or snowboarding at that resort.

Q: What do I do if I want Snowsports School and Hire products at both resorts?
A: Both Perisher and Thredbo will be able to add single or multi-day lesson and hire packages to your Ticket once you arrive in resort. Please inquire with the ticket seller when you collect your SuperSki Ticket.

Q: Is Night Skiing included on your SuperSki Ticket?
A: Yes, with a valid SuperSki Ticket you have access to FREE Night Skiing at Perisher 6:00-9:00pm Tuesdays and Saturdays. Thredbo has twilight riding Thursdays and Saturdays 4:30-7:30pm and this will be FREE with a SuperSki Ticket.

Q: Can I purchase SuperSki in the resorts on the day I ride?
A: No, SuperSki Tickets must be purchased prior to arrival at the resorts

Q: Is the 5-day SuperSki Ticket the only Superski lift ticket duration available?
A: For the 2011 season, only the 5-day SuperSki product is available.